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About Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Types of Websites
Basics of HTML/CSS
What is Java Script
What is CMS?
Why WordPress CMS?
WordPress Installation on Server
Understanding the Dashboard
Changing the default Settings
Installing and customizing themes
Content management in WP
Creating categories, pages and posts
Adding a menu to the website
Adding widgets to the website
Installing useful plugins for site features
SEO specific plugins

Types of Websites
Basics of HTML/CSS
What is Java Script
What is CMS?
Why WordPress CMS?
WordPress Installation on Server
Understanding the Dashboard
Changing the default Settings
Installing and customizing themes
Content management in WP
Creating categories, pages and posts
Adding a menu to the website
Adding widgets to the website
Installing useful plugins for site features
SEO specific plugins

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Factors to measure advertising performance
  • Digital marketing channels (SEO, SEM and SMM)
  • Benefits of SEO
  • How the search engine works?
  • Google Search Architecture
  • Ranking methodology
  • Understanding the SERP and Search Operators
  • Search algorithm updates
  • Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird update
  • Latest search updates and predictions
  • Adding site and verification
  • Setting Geo  target location
  • Search queries analysis
  • Filtering search queries
  • External Links report
  • Crawls stats and Errors
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt and Links Removal
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Url parameters (Dynamic Sites only)
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Business analysis process
  • Practical case study
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Methodology
  • Keywords Analysis Tools
  • Keyword generation ideas
  • Competition Analysis
  • Finalizing the Keywords List

Introduction to Social Media

  • What is Social Media
  • SMM Vs SMO
  • Benefits of using SMM
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Why use Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Impact of Social Media on SEO

InstaGram Marketing

  • What is InstaGram
  • InstaGram statistics
  • How Brands use InstaGram
  • Creating InstaGram Account
  • Tour of InstaGram App
  • Content strategy and Tips
  • Picture Dimensions
  • Filters in InstaGram
  • Using Hashtags
  • Popular Brands on InstaGram
  • Advertising options in InstaGram

Pinterest Marketing

  • What is Pinterest?
  • How brands use Pinterest
  • Creating a Pinterest Account
  • Customizing the Profile
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Boards in Pinterest
  • Pins and Links
  • Generating Engagements
  • Using Info Graphics
  • Integrating Pinterest in Site
  • Engagement Metrics for Pins
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Google Ad Words
  • How To Create And Maintain A Search Network Campaign
  • How To Create And Maintain A Display Network Campaign
  • Search Network With Display Network
  • Google Ad Words Editor Tool
  • Pricing Modules
  • CPC
  • CPM
  • CPA
  • PPC
  • Budget
  • Actual  Cpc
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Rank
  • CTR
  • Targeting Methods
  • Keyword Match Type
  • Ad Words Account Structure
  • Delivery Methods In Ad Words
  • Advanced Location Options In Ad Words
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • What Is a Campaign
  • What Is a Ad Group
  • What Is Frequency Capping.
  • Location Options.
  • Remarketing
  • Ad Copy
  • Google my Business place
  • Mcc
  • Ad Extensions
  • What Is Meant By Conversion Tracking
  • Dimensions In A Campaign
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization’
  • Adgroup Optimization
  • Gmail Marketing
  • How To Develop Video Ads
  • How To Develop Shopping Ads

What is Email Marketing
Benefits of email marketing
Basic terminology in email marketing
Email Marketing Softwares
Building email marketing strategy
Building subscriber lists
Designing Newsletters
Types of Campaigns
Reports and analysis

  • What Is Meant By Youtube Advertising
  • How Youtube Advertise Works
  • What Is Meant By Channel
  • How Channel Will Helps To Our Business
  • What Are The Different Types Of Ads In Youtube
  • Why Should One Advertise On Youtube?
  • Creating Youtube Campaigns
  • Choose Audience For Video Ads
  • In Stream Ads
  • In-Video Ads
  • In-Search Ads
  • In-Display Ads
  • Measuring Your Youtube Ad Performance
  • Drive Leads And Sales From Youtube Ads

Purpose of website analytics
Tools for website analytics
Installing Google Analytics in website
Basic terminology and KPI’s
Reporting and Analysis
Goals and Funnels
Segmentation and Filters

Introduction To Sem

  • Sem Platforms – Paid Platforms
  • Introduction To Google Adwords
  • What Is Google Adwords?
  • How Is It Different From Other Platforms?
  • Create An Adwords Account
  • Key Terminologies In Google Adwords
  • Google Adwords Account Structure
  • Ad Approval Process
  • Campaign Creation Process
  • Search & Display Network
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Keyword Selection (Keyword Planner)
  • Display Planner
  • Ad Extensions
  • Different Types Of Extensions
  • Creating Location Extensions
  • Creating Call Extensions
  • Create Review Extensions
  • Ad Creation Process
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Bidding Techniques – Manual / Auto
  • Site Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting / Bidding
  • CPC-Based, CPA-Based & CPM-Based Accounts

How Adsense Works

What is Affiliate Marketing
Types of Affiliate Marketing
Making Money using Affiliate Marketing
Popular Affiliate Networks

Adsense Guidelines

Website ideas for online earning

Understanding Adsense dashboard

Different types of payment model (CPC and CPM)

Types of Ad Formats

How to choose correct ad formats

Integration of Adsense with Youtube Channel

Linking Adsense with Analytics

Other Ad Networks

Affiliate marketing networks

Online money earning strategies
Success stories of online entrepreneurs
Planning a website for Ad sense
What is Ad sense?
Types of Bidding
Implementing Ads in a Website

  • Website Position Analysis
  • Website Monthly Reports
  • Paid Tools for monitoring seo campaigns
  • Installing Analytics in Site
  • Generating Reports
  • Goals and Conversions
  • How to select profitable niche
  • Tracking multiple website with channels
  • Blocking competitor ads on our site
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Site Map Creators
  • Browser Based Analysis Tools
  • Page Rank Tools
  • Pinging & Indexing Tools
  • Dead Links Identification Tools
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Ad Words Editor
  • Adwords Editor
  • Creating Optimized Campaigns
  • Understanding Adwords Editor Options
  • Easy Optimization Of Accounts
  • Analysis Of Accounts Using Adwords Editor
  • Adwords Editor Shortcuts
  • Analysing Existing Accounts
  • Exporting Accounts Into Different Formats.

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook account setup
  • Personal account properties
  • Facebook business page setup
    Types of Business pages
  • Facebook marketing strategy
  • Competition analysis
  • Cover photo designing
  • Increase the Likes to page
  • Page management options
  • Types of Posts and Statistics
  • Dimensions in Posts
  • Creating a post strategy
  • Examples of Creative Posts
  • User engagement metrics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Apps creation
  • Integration FB in Site

Facebook Advertising

  • What is Facebook Advertising
  • Types of Promotions
  • Audience Targeting
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Formats
  • Ad Dimensions and Rules
  • Remarketing Strategy
  • Conversion Tracking

Google+ Marketing

  • Benefits of Google+ in SEO
  • Creating Profile
  • Managing Connections
  • Creating Google+ Page
  • Types of Pages
  • Content Strategy and Statistics
  • Posting on Google+
  • Increasing the Reach and Followers
  • Linking Google+ with Site
  • Google+ Badge Integration
  • Google+ Groups

LinkedIn Marketing

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Benefits of LinkedIn Network
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Optimizing the profile
  • Skills and Endorsements
  • Recommendations in LinkedIn
  • Creating new connections
  • Posting content in profile
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Finding Jobs in Linkedin
  • Creating company page
  • Customization of page
  • Posting in LinkedIn Page
  • Advertising in LinkedIn
  • Google website guidelines
  • Fundamental On-page Factors
  • Site speed analysis
  • Importance of Domain Names
  • File name Optimisation
  • Static Vs Dynamic File Optimization
  • Url Parameters in GWT
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Headers Optimization
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Anchor Links Optimization
  • Image Tag Optimization
  • Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Robot.txt and its importance
  • URL Redirecting Techniques using .htaccess
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • SEO Project to implement Onpage Optimization
  • Content Marketing for Site
  • Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  • Submission to search engines
  • Google Link Scheme guidelines
  • Linking Building Methodology
  • Types of Linking Methods (One Way, Two Way and Three Way Links)
  • Links Analysis Tools
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Offpage Optimization for SEO Project
  • Local Business Listing
    • Importance of Local Listing
    • Submission to Google Places
    • Ranking on Top of Local Results
    • Factors for Local Rankings
    • Using Classifieds for Inbound traffic
    • Generating Links from QA sites
    • Blogging and Guest Blogging
    • Press Releases
    • Social Media Marketing Techniques
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+